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Change creates challenges, but it also creates new business opportunities.

In today's fast moving environment and business landscape, success is all about wielding technology and using innovation to push forward.

Cars2View was developed to meet the market and client's needs for comprehensive data that would drive business goals further, faster, more efficiently, generating demand and establishing thought leadership for the next generation of automotive sales technology.

Rapid transformation in the automotive industry has brought opportunity for growth. The rise in the used car market has opened a window of interest in dealers looking to improve profitability and sales.

Sourcing fast-moving cars has become essential and Cars2View's Ai and data solution provides key insights into market trends and product demand, helping dealers make better business acquisitions with a high rate of recovery.

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Cars2View is a new online data driven solution developed for the automotive industry to help dealers make informed business decisions based on market input. By scanning and tracking market prices, Cars2View eliminates the guess work and delivers fact based results.

Market Tracking Solution

Use Cars2View to track trends and pricing

AI Driven Platform

Cars2View is an AI driven platform that generates real time results

Cutting Edge Technology

Cars2View was developed to be a market leading industry solution

Automotive Industry Specific

Cars2View was designed specifically for the automotive industry and its dealers

What you

Cars2View comes is a highly user friendly dashboard that will display information based on your personalized KPI settings. Your built in AI assistant keeps track of any market changes and any competitor positions.

Analyze Business Cases

Cars2View offers a unique tool to analyze and compare results specifically for your business case

Specific Targeting

Use our tools to target specific countries and markets in your searches

User Friendly

Cars2View has a user-friendly Dashboard display where you can track your results

Keep track of:

Average sales days
Cars online for more than 30 days
Cars without price changes in the last 20 days
Cars with lost price positions
Cars online without photos
Fast-moving cars
Fast-moving cars priced too low
Slow-moving cars
Slow-moving cars priced too high
Used Car
Use Cars2View to price for profitability. Using our platform's tools you can easily generate a forecast for your prices and profit margin, while target specific geographic areas of interest.

How Does it work?

Step 1 - Enter the car info, then select the trim and car equipment. You can even select a specific color.

Step 2 - Use the pricing calculator to estimate the selling price of the selected car. Use filters to further narrow down your search.

Step 3 - Use the generated data and price forecast to make profitable and savvy business decisions. Save time and guess work.

Contact us to get a free demo and learn how Cars2View can permanently transform the way you do business.
B2B cross border

Cars2View is directly integrated with the Cars2Click platform, ensuring that our technical solution is working for you in real time.

Listings of 60 days or older will automatically get published on, the European B2B sales platform. Slow-moving cars will also be automatically published on

Joining Cars2View gives you access to a global market network of automotive B2B sales, where listings are available to both local and international dealers.

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Cars2View is available in Sweden and Germany other countries will follow soon.

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